And so we start....

Not being a blogger or even a blog follower or regular reader this feels a little alien however I am looking forward to the start of Double Trouble Coffee and it would be great to share this experience of setting up our new business venture with you!

Why Double Trouble? We are parents of multiples or to those singleton parents... we own twin girls (or they own us!) 

Both myself and Jay have loved our coffee for some time, always enjoyed trying local and small batch roasters, different beans/blends/brew methods etc. and when the girls turned up we started with 3 hours feeds for them and 3 hourly caffeine fixes for us.

So back to the start of DTC - we are almost ready to go, just working on the website - without a clue of what I'm doing! Waiting for stamps and stickers to turn up, green beans are at the ready as is the roaster!


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