And so we start....

So.. we begin our Double Trouble Coffee journey and say goodbye to Lisa and James who have been super encouraging and extremely helpful to us while we begin/start our business/hobby..well if you enjoy what your doing, why not make it worth while?.. 

Now for us to say HELLO!

Andrew is Chief Roaster, has many years experience as a highly trained chef so we are using his taste buds for approvals..ha! and he can use the roaster, thank god!

Gail is our markets and delivery person, helps with online sales and all aspects of the business..

Darren is our very skilled carpenter, without him we wouldn't have a HQ and the perfect space for the roaster and office area.. Darren will help throughout all of the business..this is definitely not a one man show!..

And me!..Emma.. owner of The Hyde Out.Coffee & Cake Bar. Serving the Brazilian Peaberry daily to new and regular customers.. I will also be behind the scenes, looking after social media accounts and showing you our growing business.. can not wait to show you are progress.... please stay tuned!

This is a very busy time for us getting to grips with please have patience.. we are still changing things over!

Many Thanks..xx



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