April 2020

SO.. we have been in isolation for  5 weeks now, it has taken some time to work out what will work in regards to roasting, delivery and suppliers.

We are supplying the Cowbridge Food Collective where you can go online, order from all local producers and collect from Cowbridge on a Thursday night.

I am also supplying coffee to the Cowbridge Farmers market - due to us being high risk i am unable to attend the market myself, but find your way to Myfanwy (who makes the most outstanding cherry and coconut cakes!!) and she will have the coffee both in beans and ground for cafetiere.

Customers who are passing are also collecting directly from me - I am placing coffee outside in the front porch and all payments are made online, so its completely contactless!  

At the moment everything seems to be working well - even entertaining D.T. while i roast and keeping them well away from the roaster, today involved letting them plant some of my green coffee beans. I know full well the beans will not grow, however if the climate continues to change you never know... I could own the first Welsh coffee plantation!! haha!


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  • Jodie Harman-Orchard

    Would love to try your coffee. I can collect off your doorstep. Which doorstep is it? 😂

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