Our coffee beans are all single origin and they will have their own individual tastes. Here is some information about each variety
Papua New Guinea
Tasting Notes: Nuts, Milk Chocolate, Mango, Citrus
Producer: Highland Organic Agriculture Co-Operative
Process: Washed
Variety: Typica, Arusha, Bourbon
Fairtrade & Organic
El Salvador
Tasting Notes: Sweet Cocoa, Caramelized Almonds & Citrus
Producer: Urrutia Estate
Process: Washed
Variety: Bourbon, Pacas
Tasting Notes: Apple, Chocolate and Vanilla
Producer: Juanito Guevara Diaz
Process: Washed
Variety: Caturra, Typica, Catuai & Brazilian
Tasting Notes: Cocoa, Hazelnut, Caramel 
Producer: Carlos Augusto
Process: Natural
Variety: Catuai
Tasting Notes: Floral, Rosehip Oil, Lemon & Lime
Process: Washed
Variety: Catimore, Typica