Indian Gulehind Estate

Indian Gulehind Estate

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Absolutely beautiful coffee to roast and equally to drink this coffee from the Gulehind Estate has a pronounced chocolate/cocoa flavour with a plum and clove hints 

Gulehind Estate, Chickmangalur

The following day, Mr. Manjounat, the head of certification at Allansons, took us to Gulehind Estate in Chickmangalur which is located at 1040masl. It is a beautiful second-generation farm owned by Mr. Syed Mahtab which grows 100% arabica, mainly the SL795 varietal. The whole estate is well maintained, the coffee trees looked very healthy under the shade of silver oaks which are also used as support trees for pepper, another important crop for the farm.

There was a pond for irrigation, their own nursery, and most importantly a pulping machine, so they can wet mill coffee the same day as harvesting it.