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Lets start at the beginning!

Hello, Wow, Where do we start.. Its been a whirl wind few months..wait!.. sorry, whirl wind few years! So We (Darren and Emma) started The Hyde Out. Coffee & Cake Bar in October 2020. Yep! Many people thought we were mad. I had always had this pipe dream of owning my own mobile coffee shop, and had many ideas! A vintage caravan, A vintage airstream (still very much on my mind) ha! but when I seen the converted horse-boxes, I feel in love, I just had to convince Darren, as he would be doing all the converting! We bought the first one we seen and The Hyde Out was born! After months of hard work, blood, sweat and tears we...

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Using Locally Roasted Coffee

When we met Lisa, we knew we wanted to use her coffee at The Hyde Out. We tailored the coffee to suit our tastes, we started using the Brazilian Peaberry. Roasted slightly darker for a more intense nutty, slight acidic (don't let that put you off) rich taste. Our customers love it! With direct links with the farmers and knowing everyone is paid fairly, using Double Trouble Coffee was the best option.. We can not believe we have taken on this incredible business and are roasting our very own coffee beans to sell to you amazing customers, it feels like the perfect match..two very separate businesses but one amazing product! COFFEE!

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And so we start....

So.. we begin our Double Trouble Coffee journey and say goodbye to Lisa and James who have been super encouraging and extremely helpful to us while we begin/start our business/hobby..well if you enjoy what your doing, why not make it worth while?..  Now for us to say HELLO! Andrew is Chief Roaster, has many years experience as a highly trained chef so we are using his taste buds for approvals..ha! and he can use the roaster, thank god! Gail is our markets and delivery person, helps with online sales and all aspects of the business.. Darren is our very skilled carpenter, without him we wouldn't have a HQ and the perfect space for the roaster and office area.. Darren will...

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